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Children's Knitted Hat Hand-Made Wig Lion Wool Hat

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This is a creative hand-knitted hat for children, which is made from the shape of a lion into a lion wig.

The material used is baby velvet, comfortable and soft. At the same time, the thickness of this hat is conventional, and it is a wide eave hat. The eave shape is agaric edge, and the shape is fashionable and creative.

Its knitting method is hand hook, pure hand knitting to ensure the quality of the hat and heart, needle and thread dense, close to protect the baby's head.

Suitable for: all the year round, and both boys and girls can wear, you can for your baby treasure this hat, baby with very cute, and warm, you can also send the children of family and friends to raise the salary and lovely hat gift, are very appropriate.


  1. It's a hand-knitted cap for children that mimicked a lion into a lion wig.
  2. Using baby wool, regular thickness, wide brim hat.
  3. It is a very creative wool hat.
  4. Both boys and girls can wear them.