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House of Hatters

House of Hatters Pablo Fedora *Made in USA*

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Type: Center Dent Wide Brim Fedora

Adjustable Size: With a tie of a knot, adjust the fit of your hat to the ideal size from 21 ¼ to 23 ¼ inches..

Dimensions:  Wired Brim: 2 7/8", Crown: 4"

Color: Camel

Materials:  65% Cotton, 35% Polyester Brown Suede Cord Irregular Turquoise Stone Brass Bead

Origin: Begins in Ecuador as the body is molded, then completed at our studio in Tucson, AZ. Here we shape, trim and handcraft all of the hatbands, leather goods, stitched stones and feathers. Made in USA

Features: Breathable- provides adequate airflow, allowing you to keep cool. We take pride in hand crafted goods & natures unique imperfections. No two hats are identical.