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Premium Turkish Peshtemal Fouta Towel

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Fouta towels are thin, multi-use towels originally used as towels or worn as sarongs in Turkish bathhouses and spas. They are traditionally crafted from linen or 100% cotton, and they often feature delicate fringed detail. Today, fouta towels have become a modern lifestyle essential.

A peshtemal (also spelled pestemal, peshtamal or pestamal; from Turkish: peştamal), calls Turkish towel, Turkish bath towel, hammam towel and beach towel.

Pestemals, are the traditional flat-woven towels used in the Turkish baths (hammams) hand-woven on looms in Turkey -woven from high quality Turkish cotton, bamboo and linen fibers.

Pehtemals are well designed, lightweight, easy to carry, easy to clean, very absorbent, fast drying and very versatile which makes them perfect for traveling. You can use to lay on the beach, but they can also be used as a blanket, throw, baby wrap, scarf or picnic blanket, table cloth, table or bed runner.

You will fall in love with this versatile beauty just like we did!

Sand does not stick to these towels.

Handwoven in Traditional Turkish Looms (AUTHENTIC).

100% Natural Turkish Cotton. Very Absorbent, Quick Drying and Durable (Best Cotton Quality & Craftsmanship). Versatile (Bath, Beach, Spa, Sauna, Pool, Yoga, Gym..).

Handmade item. Dimensions: 39"W x 70"L inches.

Materials: Oeko Tex Certified Dye, Cotton, Weighs 10.65 ounces.