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Old Man Tree Hugger Face

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**Funny Vivid Tree Faces*:The tree hugger decoration enjoys realistic 3-dimensional shapes, workmanship, and natural colors and textures, which make the decoration more lifelike.
** Easy To Hang On*:Our garden faces statues for adults is easy to hang on your favorite tree with the keyhole brackets located on the back of each piece. Just nail or screw through the mounting holes to attach.
**Resin Tree Decor*:Tree face decoration uses high-quality resin as raw material,which is odorless and non-toxic,safe to use on the trees. Also,it is corrosion resistant and has low water absorption,can be used outdoors for a long time.
** Make Your Garden More Vividly*:Designed to add some funny and exaggerated facial expressions to the trees,making the garden more vivid and bringing imagination to children and surprise to guests.
** Multi Scene Application*:The Bark ghost face facial decorative pendant is the best choice for festival decoration and the best gift for Easter and Halloween. They can be installed on the trees in the garden,on the fence and on any woodwork.


Product Type: Old Man Tree Hugger Bark Ghost Face
Material: Resin
Type A Size Eyes: 5.7x4cm/2.24x1.57in, Nose: 7.8x4.4cm/3.07x1.73in, Mouth: 12.2x9.7cm/4.8x3.82in
Type B Size Eyes: 5.8x4cm/2.28x1.57in, Nose: 9.2x3.7cm/3.62x1.46in, Mouth: 7.6x4.6cm/2.99x1.81in
Type C Size Eyes: 6.2x3.7cm/2.44x1.46in, Nose: 9.9x3.4cm/3.90x1.33in, Mouth: 7.1x4.4cm/2.79x1.73in
Type D Size Eyes: 5.4x3.9cm/2.13x1.54in, Nose: 7.1x3.6cm/2.79x1.42in, Mouth: 10.8x11.9cm/4.25x4.69in
Item Weight A: 148g/0.33lbs
Item Weight B: 87g/0.19lbs
Item Weight C: 104g/0.23lbs
Item Weight D: 141.5g/0.31lbs
*Package Lists*:

1x Tree Face Decoration